WW2 German Pewter Measuring Jug From The Nazi Bernburg Euthanasia Centre 2.14389


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The Nazi Euthanasia Centre at Bernburg The  NS-Tötungsanstalt Bernburg (Nazi Euthanasia Centre at Bernburg) was in use from the 21st November 1940 to 30th July 1943. It operated in a separate part of the State Sanatorium and Mental Hospital (Landes-Heil- und Pflegeanstalt) in Bernburg, and was one of several euthanasia centres run by the Gemeinnützige Stiftung für Anstaltspflege (Charitable Foundation for Institutional Care), a fake organisations formed to hide the  “Euthanasia Programme”, which was later referred to after the war as Action T4.

14 square metres of the 80 square metre cellar of the  Männerhaus 2 (Men’s House No.2) was converted into a large shower room, which omitted gas once the victims were undressed and inside.The other rooms were converted into a crematorium with 2 two ovens, whilst the third room became a dissecting room, and a fourth a mortuary.

At first they enuthenised the mentally ill, then the handicapped, ending with the Jews who were to sick or lame to be worked to death.  Those with distinctive physical features were dissected after gassing.  All of the bodies were cremated and urns filled with a quantity of mixed  ashes, which together with a falsified death certificate, was sent to the next-of-kin.

A total of 9,384 sick and handicapped people from 33 welfare institutions and nursing homes as well as around 5,000 prisoners from six concentration camps were killed here in a gas chamber using carbon monoxide gas.

I think this measuring cup was used during the times of when Männerhaus 2 was being used as a psychiatric home, but I am sure it was kicking around during the dark times, being used for gold only knows.

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