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Site last Updated 24th February 2020

Jay & Jack will be attending a fair near Phalempin in Northern France this Sunday  1st March. They will be leaving Friday night as they will be attending a large flea market on the Saturday.

Paul as always, will be manning the office to take your orders and answer any questions you may have

We are now offering for sale Dealers Loupes on the “Everything Else” page. They have  x 30 & x 60 magnification lenses, along with whit and black light. An absolute must when buying pre 1945 cloth items. You can also detect cracks in china, casting marks in metal etc.  You can also use it as a fake money detector too.

 Check out the E.O.D Services page, we may just be able to help you.


Paul & Jay

Welcome you to the

Military Man Website 

We have been dealing on a professional level since 1995, after Jay had served 15 years in the British Army with the 3rd Battalion of the Queens Regiment & the 2nd Battalion of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR)

We would travel the globe digging and diving for battlefield relics and traded under the name of  ‘Dug Up’.

However, times and trends have changed. There are too many illegal diggers out there excavating gravesites and hallowed ground, bringing disrepute to the hobby. 

Many of the laws have changed, which has made it even harder to obtain legal search permission. We have moved forward with a new image, continuing to travel the four corners of the earth searching for good quality military collectables, via the vast network of diggers, pickers, dealers and collectors we have had the privilege of meeting over the past 30 plus years.

Paul has over 35 years of experience in sales, knowing just how to deal with our customer’s needs. Jay is our resident expert and a qualified E.O.D Bomb Disposal Technician IMAS Level III EOD. All of our INERT ordnance will come with an INERT F.F.R (Free From Explosives) certificate, stating how the item was rendered INERT and how it complies with UK Law. We offer this F.F.E certification service to museums, collectors and anyone who is going to display  INERT ordnance in a public place. Please use the ”Contact Us” button in the menu bar to email us about this service. 

Even though we have been in the business for nearly 30 years, we will never know everything and still get it wrong sometimes. Especially when it comes to the 3rd Reich items, which are now being faked into oblivion. It is thought there are more Knights Crosses in circulation today than ever awarded.

There is nothing like holding the item in your hands, showing likeminded friends or even visit one of the many forums on line before you make the final decision to add it to your collection. This is why we offer a 14-day no-quibble approval period in which you can return an item for any reason for a full refund (less postage) providing the item is received in the same condition it was sent. You can buy from us with confidence rest assured.

Please note that this website is historical and investment purposes only and does not represent any political view.

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